Free Management Event Software

Finding the latter for free, when working well and meeting your event planning needs can save your precious money and use some four-letter words. Here's a list of our free event management software out there. In the free version, this platform creates an event registration form. For one user, it includes five forms, with up to several fields in each. You are also limited to collecting 100 submissions each month.

To get payment integration, you must upgrade to Platinum or Diamond version on event software. The good news is 123ContactForm that is integrate with WordPress and a number of other publishes platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and Hootsuite. Features: Web forms, Custom branding, Notifications, Data management, Event schedules, Integration of third-party applications, Multi-language access. Find the best event management software solution every planner should know about. Get the Most Popular Event Management Solution Infographic. Enter your email, then eventbot.

Event management at EB Basic level is absolutely free. This is great for free versions, and includes many features, including event registration, event pages, and up to 500 email invitations. Plus, you have the option to collect payments, which can go directly to your Paypal account. You can also track progress and generate reports. Customize the appearance of event pages and delete your ads, or offer offline payment options, you should upgrade to the premium version. Features: Special branding, Ticketing, Data management, Event schedule

Use event rfid payment, whether you want to host native offline software or run your event management system online, Jolly Tech has you discussed with the free edition of EventLeaf. If you are running PC with Windows Vista or higher and do not receive warranty or technical support, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of EventLeaf. All old features, such as event attendance and badge signups in place, have been retained with a newer, more refined appearance.

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